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Review: Prosyn, An IT Support Company That You Can Trust

Jun 16 • Uncategorized • 5151 Views • Comments Off on Review: Prosyn, An IT Support Company That You Can Trust

I’ve never been the most tech-savvy of people. Usually, I can get by on calling up my friends and relatives for help now and then, but when I started my own small business, I knew that I would need more help than they’d be able (or willing) to provide. I’d have to hire someone. The prospect was a little nerve-wracking, after all, if I had no idea what I was doing with computers, how could I be sure whomever I hired was doing the right thing? After brushing up, doing my research, and sifting through endless reviews online, I finally found the right solution for me and my company- Prosyn! For anyone on the hunt for their own trustworthy IT company let me add my review into the mix.

Located in trendy Shoreditch (not far from my own business), Prosyn is an IT support company serving London and the surrounding area They really know what they’re doing, and I’ve never had a reason to doubt their services or recommendations. The best part of the whole experience with Prosyn is that I felt really listened to. Before we ever started in on the particulars of prices and payments and all that, I had a nice sit-down consultation with one of the IT experts who listened to me prattle on about my business and what sort of IT solutions I thought we would need. He took all of that in stride, told me exactly what would and wouldn’t work, and then came up with a few new ideas to keep my business running smoothly. In the end, we came out with a whole IT plan to help my business be the most productive without added fluff that we don’t need right now. I felt comfortable with the plan we set up, as it covers all my needs, but I didn’t ever feel pressured to commit to more than I felt I needed or was able to handle. They were really great about the whole thing and I could tell the people I was talking with were professionals, not salespeople.

Ok, now let’s talk pricing for a minute, because I know how important that can be for entrepreneurs just starting out! The bottom line is always there, looming over all the business decisions you make. Prosyn actually has a bunch of different service plans that you can choose from. I think you can also choose your services “a la carte” if you know what you need, but it was most beneficial for me to just go with one of their packages. Any business will be able to find a plan that fits into their budget- they have ones going for 25, 45, or 80 pounds per month, depending on the needs of your business. That’s not going to break the bank, and for what you’re getting at that price, it really can’t be beat. I’m tempted to buy a monthly subscription for my house! But if I did that, my nephews might miss all the frustrated calls from me having printer trouble or internet connection issues or what have you at all hours! Then again I heard there are a couple good Tulum hoteles that could really use my patronage this time of year 🙂



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